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Film documentary


Wojciech Jarzabek


A few days ago, the demolition of one of the most interesting and at the same time the most controversial buildings in Wrocław, i.e. the former Solpol department store, designed by architect Wojciech Jarząbek in 1992, began. Petitions, letters to the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage and the city authorities, numerous protests and happenings did not help - to the despair, but also to the joy of many inhabitants of Wrocław, the decision to demolish Solpol became a fact.

Will we miss this strange, unique building in the cityscape? And if so, why? Or maybe on the contrary, you cant wait for the moment when Solpol will leave a hole in the ground?

Tell me about it!

We are working on a film impression about Solpol. When it is irretrievably gone, maybe it's worth keeping it in our memory? In a few dozen years, the new inhabitants of Wrocław will probably listen with interest to opinions about the former department store, which divided and activated the inhabitants of the city so much.

If you want to be part of this project - record a short video (max. 45 seconds, necessarily horizontally) with your phone, in which you will share your reflections with us. Why will I (not) miss Solpol? What associations/memories do I have with him? Why (not) will I cry after Solpol?

Your film statements - both regretful and enthusiastic Send them;

Set, Go!




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