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Thanks to the implementation of the Adam Mickiewicz Institute together with  Museum of Architecture in Wrocław, represented by Michał Duda and curator Adrian Krężlik and the author of the arrangement Dominika Janicka, as well as the Katowice Sound Office responsible for the sound setting I Onimo Architectural Modelswho created the models - we are participating in an unusual project!

For the purposes of the  Holiday  exhibition, we prepare color grading and video mastering of the visual part of the exhibition and we are responsible for video projections during the exhibition in Dubai. 

The exhibition on the history of Polish recreational architecture will present Polish recreational facilities that, in the most interesting and creative way, fulfill the need for harmony not only with the landscape, but also help to build human harmony with nature.

Its goal is to build a story about the universal need for rest, building close relationships with nature, various strategies of relaxation, while presenting the extraordinary qualities of the Polish landscape with which architecture interacts.


Museum of Architecture in Wrocław

Adam Mickiewicz Institute


Post Production, Color Grading, Exhibition assembling 

Poland Expo2020 Dubai



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