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Advertising video

Depending on the form and the main assumption, there are many possibilities. One thing is certain, thanks to us you will stand out from the competition.

Promotion movie

In creating this type of videos, the most important thing is to interest the audience from a specific target group. After setting the main goal, we will create a project that will contribute to achieving success.

corporate video

Positive and prestigious image of the company, in just a few minutes we will show the most important advantages of your company.

Aerial filming

Thanks to the latest technology and the best equipment, from any location, height or angle, we can get shots that pick up the speech and enrich the production.


The highest quality photos to be used on social media or for publication in catalogues, leaflets or press. We work both for enterprises, corporations and individual clients.

Social campaigns

Thanks to social campaigns, we show what we can do to solve a given problem. Thanks to our actions, we can act in the long term and change the world for the better.

Using video content to promote your business is one of the most effective marketing strategies today.


In the materials we create, we focus on telling stories. At the center of our interest is always a man, his thoughts, emotions and reactions. We try to build customer trust as well as create recognition of your brand among them. In the era of aversion to conventional advertising practices, we focus on consistent and authentic content that attracts attention not because of excessive flashiness, but because of the aesthetic, interesting message they present. In our advertisements, brands are not only products or services, but also messages, intentions and values worth promoting.


The implementation of your advertisement will be a significant support in our independent film business. By cooperating with us, you will gain unique, high-quality content, as well as express that you are not indifferent to audiovisual culture and art.

branded content

more than an advertisement

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