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Purpose,what nam governs.


With our activities, we try to create the reality that surrounds us. We make films with a sense of mission, and raising important issues enables us to finance our projects from the bottom up. What we strive for is full independence, so that we can continue to raise difficult topics that provoke reflection and open a discussion about the world around us. the results are worth the work. In order to be able to gradually reject conformism and commercialism in favor of more and more ambitious goals, we turn to you, dear Patrons, to support us in these aspirations.

Become a Patron.

Become part of Kova Production by providing important support for our projects.


As an independent production house, we focus on social themes in our productions and provide free support with a cultural institution, it all costs money, that why we raise funds from many sources.


  • commercial business

  • income from our videos

  • from sponsors and patrons


the funds obtained in this way help us finance independent film productions.

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