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Kova Production is an independent production house from Wrocław. We specialize in making documentaries that tell real stories and raise socially important topics. With our activities, we try to create the reality that surrounds us. We make our films with a sense of mission, and raising issues that are important in our opinion enables us to finance our projects from the bottom up. What we strive for is full independence, so that we can continue to raise difficult topics that provoke reflection and open a discussion about the world around us. electricity” but we feel that the effects are worth our work. To be able to successively reject conformism and commercialism in favor of more and more ambitious goals.


We have come a long way over the last few years. We decided to finish most of the commercial projects that were our main activity until now. Although we have cooperated with giants such as AmRest (KFC), we decided to make changes.

What we are currently dealing with is a matter of awakening the imagination and courage to take further action, and this was not easy ....


The desired freedom is rare, and only a handful take it. Our efforts to survive in the new reality have paid off. Already in 2020, the premiere of the first documentary film directed by T. Piech and F. Janerka.



premiere 12.2020 Portugal


This year started with a completely new energy.

We started working on many projects, wanting to continue chasing dreams and supporting social issues that are important to us. Managed to.

At the beginning of the year, we started working on the film (Un)ordinary Manhattan.

This film is 16 stories from 16 floors, talking about the inhabitants, the architecture, the famous

photographs of Chris Nidenthal and the subject of his photo. The document couldn 

of course, the author of the project Jadwiga Grabowska - Hawrylak - would be missing, without her architectural courage and imagination Wrocław would not be the same city. 

In April we started  our search for the woman from Chris Niedhental  famous photo went all over Poland


The subject returned with great echo, not only did we manage to find and meet the woman in the photograph, but also, after almost 30 years, bet on her path by the author of the photograph - Chris Niedhental!

This moving story caught the eyes of the inhabitants of Wrocław and not only on our latest project.

We received the patronage of the Mayor of Wrocław and reference letters from numerous festivals that were interested in our documentary, including: Millennium Dosc, MiastoMovie.



The beginning of the year also means intensive work on Pandemic Undergound.

We took a few heroes in front of the cameras to tell us their stories. They talked about what the pandemic took from them and what it gave them. Shooting for the film continues, and the changing reality almost creates a terrifying scenario by itself. This is a very important document for us, which we are working hard on, looking for new heroes.


At the beginning of the second half of 2021, we managed to carry out a social campaign on the adoption of children. Although it was a small project, it allowed us to get even more involved in social problems and, above all, to promote it on television.


On November 27, we decided to pre-premiere the documentary, which gathered an amazing audience and media:


In December 2021, we decided to share with the world another of our documentaries, which we were working on during the holiday season. This social document showed whether people with disabilities have the opportunity to effectively enjoy all human rights and fundamental freedoms, on an equal basis with others. In its message, the film emphasizes the importance of independence  and independence for people with disabilities, as well as the accessibility of the physical, social, economic  and cultural, healthcare, education, information and communication.


December 2021 - the premiere of the documentary Happy 8mka at DCF, , which was also qualified for the first stage of FIPADOC, an international documentary festival.

January was incredibly intense. We undertook activities that have not taken place in film production in Poland so far. We are looking for new solutions, technologies and ways to operate. There have also been numerous changes in our team, which has left more room for creativity, we believe. We have started cooperation with a new partner - BMW Team Wrocław, so we have a busy end of winter ahead of us. We hope that our hard work will bear fruit in the spring.


When war broke out in Ukraine on February 24, 2022, the fate of millions of people across our eastern border changed irrevocably. Media from around the world reported on the course of the conflict, and we were also in all this - filmmakers, documentarians who felt that thanks to them the world must hear about the enormity of the human tragedy that befell the Ukrainian nation. 

In this short film, the characters do not give their names, but we can listen to their individual views on those symbolic two weeks that made the world they knew cease to exist. Although several months have passed since the premiere of the film, we want its message to continue to be heard clearly.


May was marked by the 19th Millennium Docs Against Gravity Festival. It was during the festival, exactly on May 21, that the Polish premiere of our (UN)USUAL MANHATTAN took place. We are very happy that we have joined the group of co-creators of the festival. We keep our fingers crossed that next year we will also get this honorable place on the list, among other equally amazing documents. We are on the right path!


Before we knew it, there was another film on the horizon that we wanted to co-create. In this way, the Babie Lato Foundation and the production house Kova Production intend to join forces to raise the topic Risky Beauty In a maze of retouched photos, faces without wrinkles and enlarged lips, we will try to find this mythical, universal beauty. In the film, we will give voice to both enthusiasts of beauty treatments as well as specialists and doctors seriously concerned about the constantly growing popularity of aesthetic medicine. We would like our film to become a starting point in the discussion on the canon of beauty.

We are still working on this project, we even took a little longer break from it during the summer. Now Im back, full of new energy, curious about new stories. 


Designed in 1993 by Wojciech Jarząbek, for almost 30 years its undoubted originality attracted the attention of both visitors and residents of Wrocław. The Solpol Department Store, despite numerous protests, will soon disappear from the map of Wrocław for good. For some, a colorful example of modern architecture, for others, a manifestation of ugliness, completely inconsistent with the surroundings. For us at Kova Production, Solpol has become an inspiring topic for our next project. We decided to keep his image and history in the documentary we are currently working on. This time, however, we would like to invite you to say a few words about Solpol. Details can be found in the Solpol tab. 





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