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When you look in the mirror

and you want to break them

not a mirror that needs to be broken

you that needs to change"


Guillaume Musso



The modern definition of beauty is no longer just a cultural issue, over the last several years we have been gradually influenced not only by the opinions of others, but also by the Internet. Is the current canon of beauty, which many women and men strive for, a risky beauty? How to achieve this and is it even worth pursuing?


The heroes of the film describe why they decide to undergo treatments to improve their appearance. The document is also intended to present what problems and for what purpose we should go to the doctor and cosmetologist, how these professions complement each other. It emphasizes the ethics of the profession and care for patients.


The stories of the characters are complemented by the statements of specialists in the cosmetology industry as well as doctors, lawyers and psychologists. Producers of products used for treatments related to cosmetology and aesthetic medicine, who participate in the daily work of these professional groups and affect the entire industry, will also have a chance to speak.


Documentary + social campaign

Risky Beauty



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