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Our post-production studio provides professional services in the field of audiovisual work, following the production stage and preceding the distribution stage, which includes image editing, color correction, work on visual effects, music creation and sound design. We offer service by professionals with many years of experience on the market. We have modern equipment and software. Professional editing, coloring, gives style and unique character.

Create your stories with us.

Post-production Services

Where everything happens after the shooting is completed.

​It is the film editing that makes our film interesting, intriguing, and the tension is supposed to grow long after the viewer has finished watching our production.

  • documentary film editing 

  • trailer montage 

  • assembly of advertising spots 

  • vlog editing 

  • assembly of online training 

Offline or Online Editing

Editing is selecting the most relevant clips from a shoot, then putting them in a specific order to tell the whole story

​Preparation of broadcast copy for TV, VOD and IPTV platforms. Ensure professional service and the highest quality standards.

  • preparation of files for publication 

  • creating a DCP copy

  • backup IMF

DCP & Finishing

Service of editing and resizing videos to fit the platform where clients intend to upload the video.

​Do you want your material to become colorful? Professional color styling that will give character to your film.

  • comprehensive image post-production for commercials,  feature and documentaries, vlogs 

  • visual effects 

  • color grading 

Grading. VFX 

Stable film color, and a consistent tone in your video.

​We will adjust the background music and add sound effects to each video material. Do you need audio synchronization, image sounding or creating a different language version - write to us.

  • comprehensive sound post-production for commercials, feature and documentary films, radio spots and other sound forms

  • voice-over recordings

  • post-synchronous recordings

  • selection of music

  • composing music

  • sound design

  • preparation of issue materials

  • sound recording on set


Pump Up The Volume

Image by Jacob Miller
Image by wong zihoo
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